Your Ladies Ski Trousers CheckList

By Ryan.

Chances are, you wouldn’t set off for a long walk in the rain with an umbrella, so you should never think about hitting the ski slopes without the protection of a great pair of ski trousers. Ski trousers for women are a vital part of your ski wear collection, not just so that you can look the part, but so that you can stay warm, dry and happy as you spend your days out at ski. 

Ski trousers come in a range of shapes and styles, from high-waisted ski trousers to loose fit snow pants. The right style for you will depend on a range of factors – from the weather at your ski destination, to your level of activity out on the slopes and your personal comfort preferences. Although there are ‘nice to have’ features and smaller details that will matter more to some; there are a few questions you should definitely be asking when shopping around for the best pair of women’s ski trousers… 

Are your ski trousers waterproof? 

Skiing and snow sports are great fun to take part in, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to be up against a lot of moisture, if you’re choosing a real outdoor course. Thanks to the nature of these sports, you’re going to be more than close enough to the snow whether it’s during planned downtime or accidental downtime! So you need to keep the bottom part of your body well-protected by checking your ski trousers are fully waterproof. 

Waterproof ratings vary from 5,000 to 20,000 mm (measured in terms of how many millimetres of rainfall the fabric could withhold.) It’s up to you how protected you want to be, but make sure there is some level of protection there, especially if you are not opting for a specialised fabric such as Gore-Tex. 

Are your ski trousers warm enough? 

As well as keeping out any moisture, your ski trousers should be keeping out the chill to keep you comfortable on course. Although the level of padding varies, most ski trousers have a layer of polyester insulation, which is perfect for keeping the warmth in as well as drying out quickly if any moisture creeps in. Some snow pant styles aren’t as padded with insulation to help them to allow a full range of movement. If you’re opting for a less-insulated pair of soft ski trousers, be sure to make the most of base layers for protection, comfort and warmth. 

Do your ski trousers fit properly? 

When it comes to the fit of your ski trousers, a lot depends on personal preference. For looser fitting ski pants, look for an adjustable waist to ensure they stay firmly in place. On the other hand, tighter ski trousers will need to be well tailored with knee dart details to ensure you have a full range of movement. How you want your ski trousers to fit is up to how you will feel best, as long as you can move around safely and happily. 

Do your ski trousers have helpful features? 

There are many ways in which added ski trouser features can make your life much easier on the slopes. So be sure to check out the full spec when seeking the best pair for your needs. Many womens ski trousers feature inner thigh vents that are great for keeping the body cool and encouraging better air circulation beneath your ski wear. This can be particularly beneficial if you are out for long days and working hard on your technique. 

Another feature that most ski trouser have are snow gaiters. These panels of high-performance fabric reinforce the edge of your ski trouser legs, where they meet your skis, to ensure a secure fit and minimise the chance of any snow getting into the trouser leg. It’s a hugely helpful feature that could save you a lot of discomfort as you hit your stride, and most ski trousers make it as easy as possible to incorporate into your look. 

Find the best range of ski trousers for women 

From zipped pockets to luxe lining, ski trousers for ladies are available in a huge range of designs with plenty of features just waiting to be explored. From quirky design patterns to the latest technology-friendly styles, find the best ski trousers on the market all in one place and enjoy searching for your perfect pair at Flybery.

Feb 27, 2019