Testing Your Coordination: Table Tennis Could Help to Improve Your Overall Coordination

By Ryan.

Many people buy tennis tables just because they are fun and provide a lot of entertainment, however, when buying a table tennis table not many people understand the overall benefits of it. Not only is a tennis table great for passing some time but it can also help to improve your coordination and even agility.

In this article, I will be sharing with you not only what to look for when buying a tennis table but how it can improve your overall coordination.

Buying A Tennis Table

When buying a table tennis table, most people buy impulsively and don’t necessarily look into the smaller details that really makes a product great. If you want to make sure you get the absolute best quality available then it’s time to take a step back and look more closely at finer details that you may not have noticed before.



In all honesty, the brand doesn’t matter too much it just depends on whether you find one that suits your requirements or not. There is a multitude of brands to choose from but a well-named brand doesn’t always mean the best quality of the table.



A tennis table can cost a significant amount of money especially if you want the absolute best quality table possible, however, it isn’t a requirement to go spend your money on the most expensive table available. The top tables you can buy are competition quality and will guarantee the best table money can buy but you can purchase mid-range tables which do just as well.


Picking Your New Tennis Table

As a general rule of thumb, the best way to identify the quality of a tennis table is by the thickness you see in the table top. Usually, the thickness of the table will range anywhere from 12mm to 25mm and the thicker the quality, the better!


A very thin tabletop won’t be a pleasant surface to play on as the ball won’t bounce the way it should and will be very easily damaged. Medium thickness tabletops are a good solution if you can’t afford the thickest table on the market and fits many purposes whether it’s a casual player or a serious competitor in training.

How Can Table Tennis Improve My Coordination?

If you play table tennis regularly it can help to improve how alert you are and help with coordination issues. In order to play table tennis, you need to be constantly focused as it is a faced paced game using your eyes, hands and mind all at once. You need to train these to work perfectly in sync with each other in order to keep up with the fast rallies.


Due to it being such a fast paced game and requiring players to move and think quickly, it actually turns into a full mind and body exercise, therefore, every time you play you are training your hands, eyes, body and mind to move in harmony.



Many people around the world only see table tennis as fun, a way to pass some time or play with friends when in actuality, they are training continually even if they don’t realise and it has many benefits including health. Your mind and body will be harmoniously in sync and without even realising you will and can improve coordination.

Nov 13, 2017