Why Skating Can be a Great Way to Keep Healthy

By Ryan.

It can’t be denied that the more traditional ways of keeping in shape – such as going for a run or heading to the gym – are good for you, after all you are doing exercise. They can however become quite dull after a while, especially if you’re limited to doing the same routines and work outs.


This doesn’t have to be a concern for you though as there are other more interesting ways you can keep healthy – more specifically through skating. Read on to find out why this is the case.

A Broad Church

Skating itself in fact takes a number of forms:

  • Skateboarding
  • Longboarding
  • Inline and roller-skating
  • Ice skating

Something for Everybody

With such a choice on offer it also means you’ll be sure to find something that matches both your personality and your ability levels. For instance, inline skating can be something a wide variety of ages can enjoy. Whereas things like skateboarding and longboarding are appealing to groups of thrill seekers and ice skating is something you can take beyond a hobby to a professional level.

A Super Workout

The be all and end all of this though is that whichever of the above you choose you can count on a great workout that covers many different areas. You can improve your core muscle strength as well as your balance and of course your cardio the more and more you do them. Balance is another key strength you will develop and strengthen.

A Team Effort

Another top aspect – as alluded to above – is that you can get involved in group activities and this means of staying healthy may also become your favourite hobby. You can find like-minded individuals/clubs/groups who share your passion for skating in most major towns and cities, a quick search online can point you in the right direction.

A Final Consideration

With all of the above though you should also remember that you need to be safe and secure, particularly on some of the more extreme skating sports. As such it’s the smart option to source your equipment from a reliable and professional retailer such as Proline Skates.

So, don’t continue to feel bored by your exercise, give skating a go in whichever guise you want to try and make the most of everything this great sport can offer you in terms of fun and fitness.

Sep 13, 2016