Recovery Options From ACL Injury Without Surgery

By Ryan.


From time to time, sportsmen and women experience devastating sports-related injuries. Most times, these injuries affect their knee and other vital body parts. One of the most devastating knee injury sportsmen and women have to battle is the ACL injury. You are prone to have this injury if you apply direct or indirect pressure on your knee in a twist. Today, due to improved medical research, treatment for this once-dreaded knee injury is not as difficult as in the past. Other than surgery, you can recover from ACL injury. Using conservative management treatment methods you can fully recover from your ACL injury. It is possible to recover from ACL injury without surgery.

ACL recovery with surgery

ACL is one of the most important ligaments that brings about stability in your knee. Unfortunately if torn, the chance of your ACL healing is supposedly near impossible. Due to this, surgery becomes the next available option to replace you’re your ligament. Today, conservative management and the use of stem cells can help your recovery from ACL injury without surgery.

  1. Conservative management of ACL injury without surgery

Conservative management encourages the use of physiotherapy to manage ACL injury without surgery. It takes place in a rehabilitation facility run by well-trained and experienced professionals. Here, your physiotherapist coordinates, monitors, and guides you into full recovery via physiotherapy. The preliminary aim of this method is to reduce your swollen knee to aid recovery. Thereafter, it focuses helping you to regain movement in your knee.

At the end, you will undergo programs to strengthen, power, and stabilise your knee. These programs are specific such that they focus on your goal activity. You spend about 6 months to achieve full recovery without surgery. But after the first 3 months of treatment, you can resume training.

Some examples of the physiotherapy programs you undergo during your conservative management are;

  • Bridge

The bridge exercise will help to strengthen your gluteus. It is essential if you want to toughen your leg muscles and knee joint.

  • Bridge by means of leg lift

You can use this exercise in toughening the muscles of your gluteus and to strengthen your legs. More so, this exercise will help in stabilising your knee joint.

  • The tree exercise

This is an exercise that will help stretch your MCL. You can use the tree exercise to achieve stability in your knee joint. This exercise can toughen the muscles around your knee when you stand on your leg.

  1. STEM cell treatment of ACL injury without surgery

It is possible to treat your ACL injury and get full recovery using the stem cell treatment method. In this method, you will undergo a small procedure to collect cells from your bone marrow. These cells are usually taken from your hip bones under sterile conditions. Thereafter stem cells are grown after they have been mixed with saline. This takes place in a cell growth medium where the collected cells can easily multiply. Once they develop, you undergo a high precision stem cell injection procedure. The stem cells are injected into the affected area.

This treatment of ACL recovery without surgery is a high precision treatment. It aids the torn or bad ACL to self-heal without surgery. Stem cell treatment takes about 3 months to achieve recovery from ACL injury.

Today, you can recover from ACL knee injury undergoing no form of surgery. This is the beauty of applying medical science and technology.

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Aug 13, 2018