Protandim Naturally Increases Performance

Those of us who exercise often are no strangers to the debilitating effect of over-exercise. Our body’s natural response to athletic stress is the release of free radicals which signal our brain to increase our heart rate and reduce body temperate by sweating. When our body releases too man free radicals, it can result in post-workout oxidative stress and cause damage to our cells and impact our overall health. Simply put, our bodies need time to recuperate from the stress that is induced during periods of intense athletic activity. If we don’t give our body the time it needs to recover, we risk decreasing long-term performance and increasing the likelihood of fatigue related injuries.


Under normal circumstances are bodies are able to cope with the stress on their own by activating a defense system which controls the free radicals released by our workouts. Unfortunately as we get older or overstep the body’s natural threshold for self-defense, our bodies cannot contain the free radicals as well. This is especially true for athletes who push their bodies harder than average individuals and incur higher levels of stress. The result of increased free-radicals is felt in the form of fatigue, muscle soreness, and inability to increase performance.

Past supplements focused on triggering the anti-oxidant response which sometimes curbed the ability of free radicals to signal our bodies to sweat and increase the heart rate. Protandim focuses on bolstering our body’s natural ability to absorb stress without artificially altering the chemical processes at the cellular level. Instead of releasing anti-oxidants like past supplements did, it lets the body regulate anti-oxidant production on its own at an increased rate. Harnessing the body’s natural ability to contain free-radicals is a more effective method than indiscriminately neutralizing them.

In practice this means that the body’s ability to recover from workout stress and muscle soreness is increased naturally. You will be able to increase the stress threshold of your body while minimizing set-backs from increased activity. Coupled with proper form and good practices, Protandim helps keep your muscles and cells from deteriorating and allows you to increase the intensity of your workouts.

By Ryan.

Aug 26, 2016