Pro’s Tips To Improve Your Batting

By Ryan.

Batting is a fine art, and even experienced professionals at the top of their game are constantly looking for ways to improve their technique. Try out different cricket bats in Australia before selecting a preferred model. Ironing out errors and adding different shots to the arsenal with help batsmen to increase their scores.


Read this guide for the best ways to improve batting.

Hit A Tennis Ball Against The Wall

One of the oldest methods to improve hand-eye co-ordination in cricket is also one of the simplest: buy a few tennis balls and spend half-an-hour hitting the ball repeatedly against a garage door or a wall. The bounce of the tennis ball will imitate a real cricket ball as it reaches the batsman on a lively pitch. All the great batsmen, from Don Bradman to Sachin Tendulkar, have used this technique in order to make sure that their coordination and reflexes are as sharp as they could possibly be. Click here for bats that allow players to go on the offensive against lively bowling.

Wear Better Protective Gear

Some batsmen may be struggling to score runs because of the poor quality of their protective gear. Sub-standard pads, helmets and arm-guards can cause batsmen to be more hesitant when they are facing fast bowling. Improve protective gear in order to have more confidence.

Stop Moving Before The Ball Is Released

It is important that batsmen keep their composure when they are at the crease. In order to time shots perfectly, it is important to stand as still as possible before the ball is released. Some international batsmen such as Shiv Chanderpaul base their style on moving sideways as the ball is released, but these players are the exception to the rule.

Batsmen should imagine that they are standing in a narrow tunnel when they are at the crease. This means that movements should only be made backwards and forwards to attack or defend the ball. Keep the head as still as possible.

Practice Batting On Different Surfaces

Some pitches that games are played on will be green and lush: these pitches will offer more assistance to spin bowlers and swing bowlers. Batsmen who struggle against these types of bowlers should focus on improving their footwork because the ball is moving rapidly from side to side. Drier and dustier pitches suit fast pace bowling where the ball will bounce above a batsman’s chest height. People who struggle to score many runs on these types of pitches should practice shots which are designed to attack short balls, such as the pull and the hook.

Study Footage Of World-Class Batsmen

One of the best ways to improve every aspect of the batting technique is to study footage of world-class batsmen. Look at how they position themselves at the crease, as well as the way they play against different types of bowling. Imitate their movement and strokes in order to improve batting technique – doing this may not result in people hitting every ball they face for six, but it should help batsmen to score more runs in the long-term.

Use this guide to improve batting technique.

Oct 26, 2016