Premier League Betting

By Ryan.

The Premier League is not only the most watched football tournament in the world, it is also the most wagered tournament in the world. Twitter is plagued with footy tipsters following the Premier League, all the way from the UK to India on a daily basis. And it is not only Premier League betting that is so popular, Wales, Scotland, Irish leagues and second divisions of the Premier have a strong follow ship.


3 Premier League Betting Tips

  1. Define a staking method vs strategy. Experienced bettors will say strategies are not the Holy Grail, meaning the house always has the edge and there is no exact way of placing bets that secures profits on a consistent basis. A staking method is a set of rules to place wagers, leave emotions aside and make reasonable decisions just as any portfolio investor would. You can lose, and this is reality, you will lose! But a nice laid staking plan will help land on profits more often if you are disciplined.
  • Only stake 1% of your balance for a single bet.
  • Take odds above 1.5, but preferably above 2.0.
  • Follow stats trends, research teams, players and historical data before taking a decision. As this process requires a level of skill and dedication that you might not have, especially the time, there is always the possibility of following a tipster on twitter or paying for the service.
  • Only increase the stake sizes after you reach a certain goal, like doubling your account balance.
  • Keep a record of results to identify what is being done wrong or right.
  1. Stick to a bet type. Most bettors prefer the simply straight bet, but there are several other popular options like Over/under goals and Corner Kicks Over/Under.
  2. Live Betting. Live betting is a format were bettors can place wagers as the game is live. This is usually done through an online football betting platform as it is fast, efficient, and accessible from anywhere. The odds shift all the time depending on the results and mood of the game, experience bettors know how to determine the “feel” of the game and can predict if one team or another will hold the advantage on a certain stage before it happens. This allows them to place bets on favorable odds and trade the bet when odds are in profit, this market behaves more like the stock exchange.

Premier League Betting Stats

Most Common Score

The most common score in the Premier League is 2 – 1, local win.

This score has been the most common for the past 5 years since 2011. The English Premier League is all about speed with love for quick passes and no fear for a quick shot at the goalie.

In the rest of the world 1 – 0 and 0 – 0 are still the most common scores for football.

The Best Premier League Teams

These are the top 4 on a regular basis. The Premier League has become very competitive with no clear dominant club, as Manchester United was in the past.

  • Arsenal – Had its time of glory in the early 2000s when it won everything and possessed a dream team. Slowly, Arsenal is recovering its strength as one of the top teams in the UK.
  • Manchester united – One of the most powerful clubs in the world with a fat wallet. It has struggled to make a comeback on international championships and misses its former glory. But is always a top contender to win the Premier League.
  • Chelsea – Has recently stepped up its game with a huge investment in top players and management. Chelsea is probably the strongest rival in the Premier League on the past seasons.
  • Manchester City – Growing in glory, it had a blowing 2014 season becoming the champion.

Manchester United remains the strongest champion with 60% of the titles won:

Manchester united – 13 titles

Arsenal – 3 titles

Chelsea – 4 titles

Manchester City – 2 titles

Blackburn Rovers – 1 title

Leicester City – 1 title

Premier League Betting at William Him

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What is Virtual Football

Virtual football is a new betting option that is not for the handicapper or strategist. This is a 100% fun bet on computer generated games that run every couple of minutes all the time.


Sep 30, 2016