Outside Benefits of Participating in Sports

By Ryan.

Talking to a lot of different people, you might assume the main point of taking part in a sport is to win. You might assume that the point of competition is to come out ahead. But, those assumptions don’t tell nearly the entirety of the story. There are more outside benefits of participating in sports then there are the more direct associations that people might have.

For instance, when you engage in an athletic activity, you meet new people, you stay away from addictive behaviors, you enjoy a better overall attitude, and you showcase herself as a positive role model for the people around you. Experts can argue that the least important part of sports is the competitive factor or the winning.


Meeting New People


All different types of people participate in all kinds of sports. So, what naturally occurs when you choose to join an athletic team is that you will meet new people! These people may end up being acquaintances, friends, or eventually even partners in crime when it comes to the journey of life. But without playing that sport in the first place, they never would have entered into your bubble.


Staying Away From Addictive Behaviors


It is unfortunate and sad how many people end up going through addiction of some sort. And that result could be because of drugs and alcohol concerning their environment, or it might be a genetic or personality disposition towards certain behaviors. But, studies have shown that people who participate in sports stay away from addictive behavior much more often than those who don’t. And it may simply be a matter of time. If you are playing games, you don’t have a chance to find habits that may be unhealthy for you.


Enjoying a Better Overall Attitude


People who play sports feel better about life. Simply from an attitude perspective, athletic events create a headspace that is much more positive than if that aspect of your life is missing. So it’s a little bit of a chicken or an egg situation two. It might be that people who have a better attitude play sports. Or it might be that individuals who play sports have a better attitude. Either way, focusing on healthy movement is an excellent focal point of life.


Showcasing Yourself as a Positive Role Model


And finally, when you engage in sports, you showcase herself as a positive role model to the people around you. If you’re a parent, showing your kid that you enjoy sports gives them an avenue to think about what they would like to do for their enjoyment. You shouldn’t necessarily push your particular activities onto your kids, but rather you should show them that they can find a way to participate in a sport that matches with their perspective.

Aug 12, 2017