Maintaining Your Fitness In Spite of Your Sports Injury

By Ryan.

One of the best ways through which to keep up a good level of fitness is taking up a sport or two and participating in it at a competitive level. It doesn’t necessarily have to be at pro level, but if say you play Sunday league football or you just play regularly with an organised team against opponents that are just as competitive, the amount of preparation that goes on behind the scenes in addition to each game you play makes for more than enough of a commitment to maintaining healthy fitness levels.


As with any competitive sporting activity however, particularly those which are classified as contact sports like football, suffering an injury every so often is somewhat inevitable. It could just be something as small as a thigh strain or a big-toe injury, right up to something more serious which requires you to get proper treatment followed by plenty of recovery time to nurse yourself back to full fitness. Either way, a sports injury almost always results in a markedly reduced level of fitness because it could very well be preventing you from your regular training, especially if it is a spine- or brain-related one (that might need the attention of a neurosurgeon like Dr Timothy Steel).

We all know how hard it can be to try and get back to any acceptable level of fitness once your training rhythm has been broken. It’s hard enough just getting back to gym after a long lay-off because it’s in a sense not unlike having to start all over again and build your fitness up from scratch. However, with help, you may be able to make the best of the situation. You could search what is sports therapy, and get in touch with a designated professional to discuss the specifics of your condition. He/she may prescribe part-specific exercises, and teach you certain sports and exercise principles to gradually get you back on your feet. Over time, it could help you optimize your performance and you may learn guidelines to prepare and prevent similar injuries again.
However, on a personal level, there are a couple of exercises that are perfectly suited to maintaining good overall fitness levels.


Specialized mountain bikes were made for more than just mountain biking enthusiasts. They were also made for recovering sports enthusiasts who want to maintain a good level of fitness through an intensive exercise that doesn’t put undue stress on the injury. For disabled athletes, the ability to change gears is a lifesaver since it allows them to modify the level of effort they apply to their cycling at a whim. Compared to most other types of exercise, it results in fewer strains and injuries. It helps exercise your muscles well since you employ all the key muscle groups to pedal. Cycling the best carbon full suspension mountain bike is usually easy; unlike some other activities, it doesn’t call for a great level of athletic prowess.


Weather-permitting, doing a few intensive laps in the pool is perhaps the best form of exercise anyone could ever get, anywhere, regardless of the primary sporting code you participate in competitively and regardless of the sports injury you’re carrying. Swimming is the best full-body workout you can get which builds up stamina at the same time as well.

Both of these exercises are great at maintaining good fitness levels because they cater to stamina as well as the strength and power of your muscles. You can alternate between the two or even just chose one, but either way, this makes for a great way of maintaining good fitness levels while you’re out with a sports injury, with limited risk of doing further damage to your existing injury and effectively prolonging the recovery time.

Naturally your fitness won’t precisely be at 100% of the required fitness for the specific sport you participate in, but at least you won’t have to start all over again from scratch.

Nov 02, 2016