How to Get Stronger Again

By Ryan.

If you’ve ever suffered from a Fitness Failing then it can leave you feeling hopeless and wanting to give up. You might even think that nothing can get better because you feel as if the problem is untreatable. This type of thinking is only making things worse. It’s important that if you’ve been to a gym before or even gone for a jog in the park that you know that there are ways to get back into shape.

The main reason that we all have a Fitness Failing is because we don’t give our bodies the rest and recovery that they need. When we exercise, we push our bodies outside of their comfort zone which causes major strain on the joints. If you haven’t given your body a chance to rest and recover then you’ll find that you end up suffering from sore muscles, torn ligaments, and even pulled tendons if you’re not careful. Here are 3 tips on how to get strong again…

Rest – When you rest after a workout you allow your muscles to fully heal and get back into training. Without proper rest you risk further injury to your muscles or dislocation. If you do have to work yourself to the max then at least give your muscles a day or two before you return to working out completely. If you’re serious about getting bigger and stronger then this is an absolute must! Your body needs time to build back up muscle and rebuild tissue.

Repetitions – The more weight you can lift in the form of exercises the more muscle growth occurs. The more muscle growth occurs the more definition you’ll have and the stronger you’ll become. You want to do compound exercises with high weights. At the end of your workout you should be able to feel a large amount of muscle growth. Repetitions are what make us strong and powerful. They also help keep us fit and in shape.

Focus – Your attention to detail matters when it comes to developing muscles. This doesn’t mean you need to train like a maniac, but you want to be very aware of what you are doing. Do not skip any exercises or ignore them because you think they won’t help you get bigger and stronger. Focus on your technique, form, and how you feel after doing an exercise.

When you follow the above tips on how to get stronger and get bigger you’ll notice a huge improvement in your overall results. When your body has had enough time to recuperate and build back up muscle you will see a tremendous increase in your size and strength. The key to all of this is giving your body the break it needs to grow and repair itself. Don’t expect to get massive results in a week, but remember that improvement will be gradual and safe!

Aug 31, 2021