Cycling Rules

By Ryan.

I’ll admit I am a great lover of bicycles. Particularly my own, of course. It’s nothing special but nevertheless, it’s not an antiquated bicycle that looks like something you see in an old movie about China. Remember watching them? Millions of people riding around on bikes which had locked pedals and footbrakes, no suspension, seats made of false leather and agony, and tyres made from recycled school erasers! No, my bike is a reasonably modern style, not quite a mountain bike, certainly not a road bike, so maybe we can classify it as a hybrid.   


These days you can buy so many different styles it can get confusing. The best bet is to go visit your local specialist bicycle shop and explain to them what you want to do on the bike. If they have properly trained staff they can show you a few different designs as well as stay within your budget. My treadlie cost me £350 then I spent another £55 on adding some accessories like lights front and rear and a handy carry bag. Don’t forget the pump!

To me, cycling is pretty close to the ultimate escape and it’s great to see governments and local councils support the move for people to stay healthy and provide bike paths that keep you away from the maniacs in motor vehicles. Sometimes it seems like it’s outright war between the cyclist and the motorist. An argument between a car and a bicycle usually has just the one winner, right? I must admit, some bike riders take the whole thing too seriously. I’m not talking about competing bikers like Tour De France and Olympic Games bicycle competitors. My observation is about the standard cyclist, maybe a bicycle club member or someone who just rides with a group. Have a look at this list of rules from a group called Velominati. Well, not ALL the rules because there are 90! Yep, 90 rules to adhere to while enjoying a ride on your bike. Here’s a few:-

# It’s all about the bike – there’s more to life than riding your bike, isn’t there? One hopes so.

# Tan lines should be cultivated and kept razor sharp – are we still talking bikes here?

# Saddles, bars and tyres shall be carefully matched – maybe you go faster!

# Family does not come first. The bike does – A definite relationship killer this one!

# No European posterior man satchels – I better change out my handlebar bag.

# Know what to wear. Don’t suffer kit confusion – Don’t let the lycra mob read this one.

# No frame mounted pumps – Looks like I have to stuff the pump down the shorts, huh?

# Shave your guns – Excuse me? What about my nails?

# Support your local bike shop – Well, that one I agree with 100%.

And so it goes on and when you read some of the explanations of the rules you hope, desperately hope, that they have been written tongue in cheek!

Apr 29, 2016