What Are The Benefits Of Using A Pull Up Bar?

By Ryan.

Pull up bars are an effective and versatile piece of workout equipment for your home or office because they enable you to exercise various parts of your body at one time.  Not only that but, it doesn’t take very long to complete a set of pull ups and although it takes some thinking outside of the box, you can workout almost every single part of your body using just a pull up bar.  The most difficult part being your legs.


Another great thing about pull up bars is that you do not need any additional weights or other pieces of equipment as you are using your own body weight.  This is good because it means there is no additional strain on your body that often occurs when you are working out with weights.

What Areas Of The Body Do Pull Up Bars Targets

The Latissimus Dorsi or Lats

The muscles that run from your shoulders down the outside of your back are known as the lats.  This muscle is the key when you are doing the pull up movement, so if you are looking to target your lats, then pull ups are perfect.

The Rhomboids

The rhomboids are a group of muscles that support your lats and are targeted by pull ups and chin ups.  They are especially important because if the rhomboids are strong and exercised regularly, you will be less likely to suffer from back ache.

The Biceps

When you work through the pull up movement and bend your arms, you are working your biceps.  However, as you use your forearms and triceps in conjunction to your biceps, you are essentially using your whole arm to pull up, making it a complete arm workout.

The Cardiovascular System

Although doing just a few pull ups irregularly will not improve your cardiovascular system in any great way, if you do larger sets over the course of 30 minutes each session, you will notice a vast improvement.  This is why pull ups should not be seen as just some glorified form of weight or resistance training because when done with the proper intensity and regularity, they can give you a full body and bodily system workout.

As you can see from the above, pull up bars really can be used to target almost all of the body, meaning that if you are limited for space and want to do more to work out at home, it may be wise to find a pull up bar that is right for you.  Versatile and practical and depending on your home set-up, you don’t actually need a big piece of equipment – just a free door frame or wall will suffice.

Finding out which pull up bar is best for you can be a challenge as there is such a wide selection of different products with different price tags.  However, it really will be worth it in the end when you can do a quick workout each day before or after work and see the improvement to your body and muscles’ shape.

May 04, 2016