5 Quick Total-Body Workouts

By Ryan.

The vast majority of people believe that building muscle is all about countless hours spent at the gym. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. Hard work is still a requisite but total-body workouts can be done from the comfort of your home and they are easy to fit into your schedule. Of course, you’ll work on your whole body in one training session. Let us introduce you to these workouts and show you what you need to make as much progress as possible.

Benefits of total-body workouts

Working out at home means that you don’t have to take time to visit the gym and spend time there. We firmly believe that every single one of us can find at least 10 minutes to do a quick workout at home. That’s exactly how long some of these workouts last and they are still effective. Just push furniture aside in your living room and you are good to go. Create enough space around you so that you don’t hit anything with your arms or legs. For all of you who are proud parents, you also don’t have to worry about leaving kids. Do your workouts in another room during nap time. Simple!


These workouts don’t require anything special when it comes to equipment and apparel. However, we strongly advise you to invest in quality fitness clothes. There are some great women’s exercise tights and you could also pair them with a decent t-shirt. A sports bra goes without saying – take a look at Get Bra Advice for some tips and tricks on selecting the perfect sports bra for the level of activity you expect to reach. You shouldn’t undermine the importance of decent clothes just because you aren’t working out in front of other folks at the gym. Therefore, invest in a good top, fine bra, tights, shoes and yoga mat.  If you think that your pajamas can replace exercise tights, you are wrong.

Workout #1 – Zumba

This is a dance fitness exercise that combines high energy music with world rhythm choreography. You’ll burn tons of calories grooving to the beats of salsa, flamenco and merengue. Zumba is so popular due to the fact that you’re having so much fun while working out. The high-energy workouts are set to upbeat music and feature choreographed dance numbers that you might see in a nightclub. On top of that, you don’t need to be a great dancer to do Zumba.

Workout #2 – Brazil Butt Lift

Lift and tone your butt in five minutes with these exercises. Brazilian women are famous for their gorgeous bodies, but you don’t have to go to Rio to get a beautiful butt. We’ll show you the butt lift touchdown. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed forward. Squat down until your knees are bent at 90 degrees. Put the left leg back into a deep reverse lunge, placing your right hand along outside of the right thigh or touching the floor. Raise the left hand in front of your face, palm facing out. Return to the starting position and repeat, alternating sides.

Workout #3 – Hip Hop Abs

Hip hop abs is a home workout program designed to tone your whole body with a special emphasis on your abdomen. If you’re into hip-hop music, then you’ve probably noticed that your favorite stars have some great looking abs. This is because several of the dance moves used in hip-hop art require the abdominals to contract and expand – having the same effect as a crunch. Hip-hop dance moves are also very fluid and require a dancer to exercise their central abs, the bottom and top of their abs and their oblique muscles. Essentially, hip-hop dance exercises every part of the abdominals.

Workout #4 – PiYo

This workout is inspired by Pilates and yoga and you can do it in your living room. PiYo strengthens and stretches muscles you didn’t even know you had. PiYo workouts are short and effective and on top of that, you can adjust the intensity level of the program to your personal preferences. You’ll also improve your flexibility, stability and strength. This is accomplished through utilization of a unique combination of Pilates and Yoga based moves. That way, you’ll produce long, lean and toned muscles all while keeping the pace quick enough to help you burn fat.

Workout #5 – Slim in 6

‘Slim in 6’ weight-loss program comes with five exercise videos, which focus on cardio, strength training and flexibility. The length of each video varies, ranging from 11 minutes to just over an hour. The main and longest videos – “Start It Up,” “Ramp It Up” and “Burn It Up” – are focused on helping you burn fat and calories. The program also includes a video focused on abs and one on flexibility. Kick things up a notch by combining the cardio-focused workout with both the abs and flexibility workouts.

Feb 25, 2018