4 Important Reasons to Have Your Football Club Ties Custom Made

By Ryan.

Football clubs provide a great sense of community as well as a wonderful way to enjoy the game, and one of the best ways to enhance the social aspect is by adopting club ties. These can be an ideal way to reward inclusion and strengthen the bond between members, and the benefits can be pushed even further when you decide to go with custom made ties.

Here are just four reasons why.

  1. Colour Matched

It should go without saying that colours are important for football clubs. You’ll probably want to have your ties printed in the same colour as the kit. Sure, you can find something close when you don’t go for custom ties, but you won’t be able to match the colour exactly.

2. Ideal for Crests and Logos

Most football clubs have a crest or logo. If yours is one of them, it only makes sense to include that crest or logo on your club tie to make them undeniably your own. This certainly isn’t something you’ll be able to do if you choose to buy off the shelf.

  1. Team Spirit

When you order custom ties, you’re getting service and support as much as a superior final product. Custom tie manufacturers will have helped numerous other clubs decide on how their ties should look, and they’ll be able to leverage their experience and expertise to help you decide on the perfect design and material.

  1. Easy Reorder

You might think that it’s a lot more convenient to simply buy off the shelf than to order bespoke ties. That might be true at first, but things are going to suddenly get a lot tougher when you need to reorder. Remember, your club will be using these ties for years, which will mean making regular reorders for new members. If you buy off the shelf, you might find that your chosen style of tie stops being made. That’s not a problem you’ll face with custom ties. All your information will be kept on file – when you need more ties, just ring up and give a number.


Sep 26, 2017